Avid, the video editing software maker behind Media Composer, has launched a free scaled-back Media Composer First version of its popular program.

In actuality, Media Composer First is slightly scaled down from the pro version. The main difference is resolution: Media Composer First doesn’t cater for 4K, limiting exports to Quicktime H.264 or DNxHD (an Avid format) at 1080p 59.94fps max.

And as Engadget reports, users have five bins, four video tracks and eight audio tracks to work with.

Avid’s Media Composer is regularly used by professionals in Hollywood, so might be more complex than the average user needs to share their personal video clips.

But if you are looking for a platform on which to learn or improve your video editing skills, this could be a fantastic option.

Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC and Apple’s Final Cut Pro X are the more popular software options out there, but Avid’s Media Composer First offers a sophisticated set of tools and features you can use to bring yourself up to speed at your own pace.

It could be an ideal option for those who are looking to take their videography a bit more seriously.

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