News |AstrHori Launches Unique 28mm F13 2X Macro Probe Lenss

AstrHori Launches Unique 28mm F13 2X Macro Probe Lens

AstrHori Debuts Revolutionary Macro Probe Lens: 28mm F13 2X - A New Dimension in Macro Photography

AstrHori 28mm F13 2X Macro

AstrHori has announced the launch of its new macro probe lens, the 28mm F13 2X Micro Periscope Probe Lens. This unique lens is poised to transform the world of close-up photography and videography with its distinctive design and advanced features.

The 28mm F13 2X Micro Periscope Probe Lens is engineered for maximum depth of field at close distances thanks to its F13 aperture. This design is particularly effective for macro photography, capturing sharp and detailed images throughout the frame. The lens is compatible with a wide range of mounts, including Z, E, L, RF, and X, making it a versatile choice for various camera systems.

One of the standout features of this lens is its compatibility with cinema industry-standard 0.8 MOD focus and iris gears. This allows it to seamlessly integrate with follow focus and iris controls, making it an ideal tool for professional filmmakers and videographers. The lens’s capability for manual focusing on objects as close as 0.8cm at 2x magnification offers a unique perspective, creating a “bug-eye” effect with a wide 75° angle of view.

In addition to its remarkable close-up capabilities, the front barrel of the lens is waterproof, allowing for underwater photography without the need for additional housing. This feature opens up a new realm of creative possibilities, from capturing aquatic life to shooting in challenging weather conditions.

The long lens barrel design of the AstrHori 28mm F13 is not just for aesthetics; it provides practical access to tight spaces while maintaining a safe distance from the subject. This feature is particularly beneficial for capturing shots in confined or hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, the lens includes a 1/4″-20 thread for easy mounting of fill lights, enhancing its versatility in various lighting conditions.

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