News |AstrHori launches 18mm F8 2X Periprobe lens for APS-C camerass

AstrHori launches 18mm F8 2X Periprobe lens for APS-C cameras

AstrHori launches 18mm F8 2X Periprobe lens for APS-C cameras

Lens manufacturer AstrHori has announced the 18mm F8 2X Periprobe, price tag £759 / $789, for APS-C cameras.

This innovative lens is a smaller-scale counterpart to its previously launched 28mm F13 2X Macro Periprobe for full-frame cameras. Like the previous lens, the standout feature of this new optic is its 90-degree angled front element, allowing photographers to capture images from unique perspectives, essentially offering the ability to “peek around corners.”

Like its full-frame sibling, the new APS-C lens features a rotating barrel tip that permits shooting directly forward or at a 90-degree angle in three different directions. This versatility enables photographers to explore creative avenues, such as capturing the intricacies of the natural world from a ground-level viewpoint, whether it’s peering into dense foliage or observing the dynamics of a stream.

The 18mm F8 2X Periprobe maintains the full-frame model’s waterproof capability, allowing for submersion up to 25cm. Its design includes a lengthy probe section paired with a wider barrel that houses an intricate 23-element in 17 groups optical configuration.

The entire lens spans 470mm in length and weighs approximately 712g.

With an 18mm focal length, the new AstrHori lens offers an equivalent 80-degree field of view on APS-C sensor cameras, featuring an impressively close working distance of 5mm. It also boasts a 2:1 magnification ratio, akin to the 28mm version, enabling close-up shots with significant detail.

The lens is available now and compatible with a range of camera mounts including Sony E, Fuji X, Canon RF, Nikon Z, L-mount, and Micro Four Thirds. AstrHori also offers a package deal that includes a standard, forward-facing probe extension for £1,119 / $1,169, providing even more creative shooting options.

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