Ali Jennings

Ali Jennings is a photographer, filmmaker, writer and educator who developed his expertise in photography and filmmaking from a young age. Early access to darkrooms allowed him to refine his black-and-white photography using various cameras such as the Canon AE-1, Canon F-1 (still in use today), Mamiya RB67, some old Linhof, and several Hasselblad models. He was also lucky enough to have been given Super 8 and Super 16 cameras whilst at school and was able to make short films which he edited with a scalpel and tape.

His interest and passion for photography and film have continued through his career. As an experienced educator, he teaches at the Wiltshire College and Bournemouth University Centre photography workshops and Level 3 TV & Film and Photography. 

In the past, Alastair has also contributed to Future Publishing's creative, technology and photography titles from the late 90s through to 2016, when he left to co-found Camera Jabber.

In addition to his work as a professional photographer, filmmaker, writer and educator, he is involved in independent feature films and is a CAA-qualified drone pilot.