News |Adobe predicts the creative trends for 2024s

Adobe predicts the creative trends for 2024

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Adobe has unveiled its latest Creative Trends Report for 2024, highlighting the visual styles and themes it believes are poised to shape the creative landscape in the upcoming year.

The report, now in its seventh edition, draws on global data and insights to identify four key trends that will influence photography, videography and other digital content in the coming year: “Calming Rhythms,” “Wonder and Joy,” “Dynamic Dimensions,” and “The New Nostalgia.”

“Calming Rhythms” focuses on visuals that promote mental and emotional well-being. This trend, increasingly utilised by brands and in various spaces like workplaces and retail, features abstract, repetitive backgrounds and moving forms, often accompanied by soothing sounds. This approach aligns with the burgeoning popularity of ASMR content, evidenced by the staggering 912.6 billion TikTok views for #asmr.

“Wonder and Joy” captures consumers’ inclination towards visuals that evoke awe and happiness, serving as a coping mechanism in challenging times. This trend spans from simple pleasures to luxury experiences and imaginative AI-generated environments. It reflects a growing emphasis on health, personal connections, and experiences for happiness, as highlighted in the 2022 Happiness Report.

“Dynamic Dimensions” emerges from the expanding realms of gaming, VR, and AR, blending multiple asset types and dimensions to create impactful visual experiences. This trend speaks to the evolving attitudes towards vulnerability and mental health, particularly among younger audiences.

“The New Nostalgia” trend sees a reimagining of vintage styles and technologies, combining a fondness for past aesthetics with modern twists. Adobe says this trend resonates particularly with Gen Z, who are increasingly engaging with retro hobbies and technologies as a means of connecting more authentically in an increasingly digital world.

Adobe’s report is a culmination of extensive research, leveraging both internal and external data, as well as insights from interviews across various sectors.

For more detailed insights into the 2024 Creative Trends, visit Adobe’s website.

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