News |3 Legged Thing Unveils Versatile Wrapz for Gear Protections

3 Legged Thing Unveils Versatile Wrapz for Gear Protection

British Tripod Maker Launches Innovative, Water-Resistant Protective Wraps

3LT Wrapz

3 Legged Thing, has expanded its product line with the introduction of Wrapz, a range of water-resistant protective wraps designed for photographers, tech enthusiasts, and anyone wanting to wrap up their kit for a little extra protection.

Crafted from a specialised adhesive polymer with advanced nano-technology, Wrapz consists of four distinct layers: hook, loop, padding, and waterproofing. This launch marks 3 Legged Thing’s pioneering step in utilising nano-polymer technology for water-resistant wraps. The unique design features two different textured sides, which adhere together firmly to encase objects in a protective cushion. The nano-technology ensures a strong bond, capable of withstanding significant strain, while the internal layers offer both waterproofing and comfortable padding.

Available in three sizes – Small (30cm / 12”), Medium (38cm / 15”), and Large (45cm / 18”) – Wrapz are sold individually or in a versatile multipack containing one of each size. The product also comes in two stylish designs – Retro and Swirl – featuring the iconic 3LT Leonard logo.

Stuart Boston, Chief Operating Officer of 3 Legged Thing, expressed his enthusiasm for the new product: “We’re excited to release Wrapz. They’re an incredibly versatile way of keeping your gear protected and dry. With three sizes to choose from, they’re a perfect fit for all your gadgets. We’ve jazzed them up with unique 3LT designs, so they’re as stylish as they are functional. Whether you’re travelling or packing your photo gear, Wrapz have got you covered.”

Ideal for photographers, Wrapz can be used to individually wrap and separate camera bodies, lenses, filters, video monitors, and small LED lights in camera bags. They also serve as a practical solution for protecting everyday tech devices like tablets, handheld game consoles, headphones, e-readers, and phones from scratches and impacts. Additionally, Wrapz can be used to wipe off dirt or absorb spillages, proving useful in damp or muddy conditions or during unexpected rain.

Wrapz are currently available for purchase online, in camera stores, and at Pricing is set at £14.99 / US $14.99 (Small), £19.99 / US $19.99 (Medium), £24.99 / US $24.99 (Large), and £54.99 / US $54.99 for the multipack. For more information and to find a nearby 3LT retailer, visit

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