News |3 Legged Thing Introduces ZOOEY, the Perfect L-Bracket for Nikon Z8 Camerass

3 Legged Thing Introduces ZOOEY, the Perfect L-Bracket for Nikon Z8 Cameras

Discover the ultimate accessory for Nikon Z8 users - the Arca-Swiss compatible L-bracket, ZOOEY, from 3 Legged Thing.

3LT Zooey

3 Legged Thing has announced the an L-bracket, specially designed for Nikon Z8 cameras. This new L-bracket has been named ZOOEY and is available for purchase on and through 3LT retailers worldwide.

Designed with precision, the Arca-Swiss compatible L-bracket, ZOOEY, is tailored to match the contours of the Nikon Z8 seamlessly. As with 3LT other L-Brackets it has been designed to provide Z8 users with unrestricted access to the camera’s battery door and side ports, ensuring a hassle-free shooting experience.

“We’ve already been inundated with requests for a dedicated L-bracket for the Nikon Z8,” said Stuart Boston, Chief Operations Officer at 3 Legged Thing. “With the huge popularity of our other L-brackets for Nikon cameras, customers trust us to provide a high-quality L-bracket that will help them create amazing images. We’re happy to bring them this new bracket for the Z8.”

Constructed from a single piece of anodized aerospace-grade magnesium alloy, ZOOEY features strategically placed cut-outs in the vertical aspect. These cut-outs facilitate easy access to the camera’s rear tilt screen, camera strap lug, and focus mode button. The L-bracket is also equipped with a rubber bumper inside the vertical aspect, ensuring stability during portrait orientation.

At the base of the L-bracket, a strap attachment lug is included, along with weight-saving cut-outs. It comes complete with a ¼”-20 Stainless Steel Stagsden camera screw, and two Stainless Steel security pins are integrated into the base. A locator pin secures the L-bracket to the camera’s base, preventing twisting or movement.

ZOOEY includes an adapter and a longer ¼”-20 Stainless Steel screw, enabling compatibility with the Peak Design Capture clip system (v3). This offers photographers an alternative way to carry their Nikon Z8 while keeping the L-bracket securely attached to the camera.

Enhancing its versatility, ZOOEY incorporates multiple mounting points for accessory arms. With one ¼”-20 screw thread in the upright position and two 3/8”-16 screw threads equipped with ¼”-20 sleeve adapters at the base, content creators can effortlessly attach lights or monitors to the L-bracket in either landscape or portrait orientation.

L-brackets are essential tools for photographers and content creators across various genres, you can check out our “For the love of L-Bracket” feature. They facilitate seamless transitions between landscape and portrait orientations on a tripod, while ensuring the camera’s sensor remains on the same focal plane and maintaining a level horizon. Additionally, L-brackets keep the camera positioned above the tripod’s central point, delivering superior stability.

ZOOEY is available in 3 Legged Thing’s signature Copper (orange) and Darkness (matte black) color options, with a suggested retail price of £109.99 / US $129.99. To locate the nearest 3LT retailer, visit

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