The product announcements are coming thick and fast from gimbal manufacturer ZHIYUN, and now the company has announced the arrival of the ZHIYUN SMOOTH 5. 

Stepping up the power and features over the previous release, the SMOOTH 5 has a compact design that packs in newly upgraded motors. 

These new motors provide more power and coupled with a suped-up algorithm provide smooth, silky stabilisation for your mobile footage. 

The new SMOOTH 5 has been designed for premium mobile phones such as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Xiaomi Mix Folde, Huawei Mate X3 and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. These phones are more often than not the choice of filmmakers. 

As we’ve seen with previous designs, the ZHIYUN SMOOTH 5 is designed with ease of use at its heart. A direct control panel enables point, click and shoot use, enabling you to quickly adapt to the environment and type of video you’re shooting. 


Borrowing features from full-sized single-handed gimbal stabilisers, the SMOOTH 5 features a multifunctional control wheel. This side-mounted wheel gives users the option to control the zoom or focus. 

Creative functions are a feature that can help filmmakers reach their potential by addicting video looks and techniques to their videos with the push of a button. 

Features such as Magical Pano that enables 180º panoramas, Timelapse and Live Stream Master with face tracking are just some of the innovative options. 

A 580 lumen light is included that can be mounted on either side of the gimbal.

Alongside the SMOOTH 5 gimbal comes the Hollywood Magic software, which will open up a whole world of possibilities. 

The SMOOTH 5 is available for £159, or with a combo that includes a tripod, carrying case, and magnetic fill light, as well as a VIP membership card, all for £209. 


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