News |Zhiyun launches WEEBILL-S gimbal stabiliser

Zhiyun launches WEEBILL-S gimbal stabiliser


Zhiyun has launched what it’s calling its ‘Tiny Giant’, the WEEBILL-S gimbal stabiliser, at a budget price tag.

The Zhiyun WEEBILL-S delivers 300% more torque and is 50% more responsive than previous gimbals. Zhiyun says the WEEBILL-S will run up to 14 hours on a set of interchangeable 18650 batteries.

Designed for DSLR and mirrorless cameras, the WEEBILL-S claims to offer longer run times thanks to the gimbal not pushing the limits of its motors just to stabilise the camera.

Features include an OLED screen where users can adjust settings such as Motor Strength, Follow Speed, Smoothness, and Deadband.

There’s also an auto-tune function for adjusting balance to your particular camera.

Other features include a full-range POV mode, Vortex mode (for 360-degree barrel rolls), Go mode for fast action, PF mode (pan follower), F mode (follower), which has all axes follow your movements, and L mode, which allows you to mimic jib shots.

Via the Zhiyun ZY Play app you can also shoot in Panorama, Timelapse, Motion Timelapse and Long Exposure Timelapse modes.

An optional Image Transmission module mounts directly under the quick-release plate and transmits video signals up to 1080p30, allowing you to livestream from your gimbal. It works not only as a transmitter, but, incorporating a motion sensor.

The Zhiyun WEEBILL-S price tag is $439 / £369, which is available for pre-order from B&H Photo Video and Wex Photo Video.

Zhiyun launches WEEBILL-S gimbal stabiliser
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Zhiyun launches WEEBILL-S gimbal stabiliser
Zhiyun has launched what it's calling its 'Tiny Giant', the WEEBILL-S gimbal stabiliser, at a budget price tag.
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Camera Jabber
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