News |ZHIYUN CRANE-M2S: price, specs, release date revealed

ZHIYUN CRANE-M2S: price, specs, release date revealed

The ideal gimbal stabiliser solution for run-and-gun filmmakers


Today ZHIYUN has announced the launch of their latest single-handed gimbal stabiliser; the ultra-compact and lightweight ZHIYUN CRANE-M2S.

This new compact offering has been designed for all content creators who like to switch between image capture devices. 

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Like the recently released Crane-M3, the M2S has been designed to work with mirrorless cameras, action cameras and smartphones. While the M3 is small, the M2S is smaller still, further cutting down the size and weight. Yet it still packs in powerful motors that will enable you to capture silky smooth motion footage.  

The new gimbal weighs in at 549g, making it one of the lightest full-sized gimbals out there. Despite the small size and weight ZHIYUN has stated that it’s powerful enough to hold a Sony A73S with a small prime lens attached. I’ll be able to give that a go as soon as the review sample arrives.

The M2S is the update to the highly popular Crane-M2. The new gimbal features stronger motors, extended axes, that all help to make it an ideal solution for run-and-gun filmmakers. 

ZHIYUN CRANE-M2S updated ergonomic design

ZHIYUN has once again revisited their gimbal design, looking at the aesthetics and usability. The entire design sees an update to make this gimbal more user friendly and features a 0.66-inch display that feeds back real-time operating parameters alongside other handy information for the operator.

Feature-wise there has also been a boost with various shooting modes including Pan Follow, Follow, Lock, POV, Vortex, Go and more.

Illuminate your subjects

One of the biggest issues with using a gimbal is being able to get a decent light source onto your subject, especially if it’s you presenting to camera. ZHIYUN has brought the design of the built infill lamp from the ZHIYUN CRANE-M3 and Smooth 5 to the Crane M2S.

Again utilising Lumen Amplifier technology this small side-mounted lamp is able to produce 1000 lumens of brightness within 2.8 cubic meters. This small lamp offers five levels of adjustment and there’s the option to attach one of four colour filters to achieve different lighting effects and give you full creative control.

Quick release for accessible shooting

As we saw the CRANE-M3 ZHIYUN has incorporated the new V-shape quick release plate design. This release is ultra-fast to use and an ideal fit for the run-and-gun market that this gimbal is aimed at. 

Unlike the base plates used for larger gimbal systems, the V-shape baseplate is compact and can be left in place on the camera without getting in the way. 

Charging and Camera power boost

The new Crane-M2S features USB PD fast-charging up to 12W through the USB-C connector. This means that a full charge of the Crane-M2S can be achieved within 100 minutes, this single charge will offer up to 10 hours of running time.

Another feature of this new high capacity built-in battery is that it can be used as a power pack for your camera. So if your camera runs low, plug the camera into the USB power for a portable charging solution. This cable also enables direct camera control if your camera model is compatible. 


It might seem strange to launch one compact gimbal stabiliser after another, but the new Crane-M2S has been placed as a more cost-effective alternative to the M3 and is of course a step up from the standard M2. 

ZHIYUN CRANE-M2S Pricing and Availability:

The ZHIYUN CRANE-M2S is now available at £259/USD$269, while the CRANE-M2S Combo is available for £329/USD$349 at ZHIYUN Store and Amazon.

The ZHIYUN M2S is available now from the ZHIYUN Store at:

The ZHIYUN M2S is available now from the Amazon Store at:

If you want to see the ZHIYUN Crane-M2S in action then check out this video at YouTube:

The ZHIYUN M2S is available now from the ZHIYUN Store at:

The ZHIYUN M2S is available now from the Amazon Store at:


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