Zeiss (possibly) teases new mirrorless camera

Zeiss teases new mirrorless camera

Zeiss, the high-end lensmaker, has possibly released teaser images for what appears to be a new fixed-lens mirrorless camera to be released soon; however, the circumstances are a little unclear.

The first teaser for a Zeiss mirrorless camera came a few days ago when what is thought to be Zeiss China posted an image on its Weixin account with some text asking people to guess what its new product is based on the cropped-in, close-up photo of what we now understand is a camera top plate.

However, it’s worth noting that the Weixin link now says the content was deleted by the publisher.

Since then another teaser image has emerged showing more clearly the grip of a camera body and what appears to be a fixed lens, all cleverly lit and hidden in darkness. The text on this image – this time in English (which makes it more suspect in this writer’s opinion) – says ‘No brand is safe in the mirrorless jungle’.

Photo Rumors notes that the text on the original teaser image read (according to translation):

“For those who understand our tradition, they understand our tough quality requirements. You should be aware that how much experience and technology we put into each lens.

For that, Zeiss wins the trust of millions of photographers worldwide.

As it turns out, the photography world and us still miss something.

It’s time for more Zeiss.
It’s time to welcome a new milestone of Zeiss photography.

Text after the poster:


Mystery veil will be open soon
Before that
Can you guess what is the BRAND NEW PRODUCT based on the picture?
Tell us what you guess
We will choose ten people who respond correctly in random on September 27
And send you a small gift
Let’s imagine together”

Sony Alpha Rumors suggests that the new Zeiss mirrorless camera will be fixed-lens (possibly 35mm f/2.0) with a full-frame sensor. It expects a price tag of around $3,000 and an announcement before Photokina.

In a year of curveballs from the industry, a Zeiss mirrorless camera would certainly be up there among the unexpected. This is one we must admit never considered for our top camera rumours list. Rumours of a Zeiss camera have been around over the years, but always denied by the company.

We’d like to believe one is on the way, but the origins of these teaser images are a little murky. Watch this space…