A new firmware update allows users to record 3D 360 video in 6K resolution on the Z Cam S1 Pro.

The Z Cam S1 Pro is a 360 camera aimed at professional users which employs four Micro Four Thirds sensors.

With the new firmware update the S1 Pro adds stereoscopic capture in 6144 x 6144 resolution.

The Z Cam S1 Pro now joins the Insta360 Pro and Kandao’s Obsidian S and Obsidian R which can shoot 3D 360 video in 6K. The Obsidian R can also capture 8K 3D 360 video.

Where the Z Cam S1 Pro has an advantage, though, is its larger Micro Four Thirds sensors.

Below is a short clip shot with the Z Cam S1 Pro, which is priced $8,880.

Via 360 Rumors