Yuneec partners with Leica to launch Typhoon H3 drone

Yuneec partners with Leica to launch Typhoon H3 drone

Yuneec has announced the Typhoon H3 drone with the ION L1 Pro camera that it has developed in partnership with Leica.

The Typhoon H3 is the first product in what is a new strategic partnership announced by the two companies.

Leica engineers worked with Yuneec to develop the ION L1 Pro camera, which boasts a 20-megapixel, 1-inch CMOS sensor that can record 4K video at 60p at a maximum bitrate of 100MB/s.

The Typhoon H3 also offers a 3-axis gimbal, which can rotate through 360 degrees. Yuneec says:

User-defined image mode and focus settings, lossless digital zoom and superior image quality make the ION L1 Pro the camera of choice in its class for all aspects of aerial photography. A wide range of functions that come in the top-level quality for which Leica is known enable you to fully tap into the photographic potential of the ION L1 Pro.

In accordance to Leica’s Lead Motiv “Das Wesentliche”, functions were aligned with what is useful and creates a benefit. The software works now like a photographer is used to. Semi Auto modes, ISO increments or EV intervals were made to feel like a regular camera.

The Cruise Control feature keeps the speed of the drone constant, so that you can fully concentrate on your camera shot. With the integrated 3-axis gimbal and the drone’s retractable landing gear, the camera can rotate through 360° unrestrictedly and produce flowing panoramic shots.

Leica also helped develop a 10-bit Y-log video mode for the Typhoon H3, along with Adobe DNG profiles that include vignetting correction, distortion correction and correction of chromatic aberrations.

Other features include lossless digital zoom, auto exposure bracketing and a hyper lapse mode.

Yuneec is also releasing an Android-based ST16S remote control with a 7-inch touchscreen display for the Typhoon H3, which will be sold separately.

Typhoon H3 price information, nor an official release date, has yet to be announced.