News |YoloLiv Instream offers portrait Multicam on social media

YoloLiv Instream offers portrait Multicam on social media

Streaming to Tik Tok and Instagram? Then you need the YoloLiv Instream

YoloLiv Instream

YoloLiv is a manufacturer quickly establishing itself as a dominant force in the online streaming market. In recent months YoloLiv has launched a series of powerful touchscreen switchers which blend the functionality of professional video switchers with the ease of use of a mobile phone.
The YoloLiv Instream has been announced and is the first, and at present only, all-in-one Multicam vertical live streaming studio.

The new touch screen switcher has been specially designed for the new generation of online content creators who favour portrait rather than landscape orientation for their videos.

Platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have made the format one of the most popular for video content. With all mobile phones naturally orientated that way, it makes sense, especially with most other social platforms also adopting video shorts.

A Switcher for the Instagram and TikTok generation

Featuring a larger 7-inch screen, the small box enables several video recording devices to be plugged in, in one go. Once all inputs are connected, the YoloLiv Instream can be used as an encoder, switcher, recorder, monitor, graphics generator, multiview builder and vertical content creation tool.

Instream features 2 HDMI and 1 USB input and supports Wi-Fi, 4G LTE and Ethernet connections. Like YoloBox, Instream is controlled through the touch screen in the same way as a smartphone.

Powering the small device is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 8-core processor, which is the most powerful processor YoloLiv has used so far in any of its devices. The 7-inch screen may be small, but it can emit up to 600 nits of brightness.

Ultimately the YoloLiv Instream enables all those using the vertical video format to take a step up with their productions, enabling live multi-caming, green screen, overlays and many more features that are fast and easy to use.

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