News |YoloLiv go vertical for live streaming with the VertiCam

YoloLiv go vertical for live streaming with the VertiCam

YoloLiv VertiCam

Live streaming specialist YoloLive has just announced the VertiCam an all-new camera that shuns the tradition of landscape orientation and embraces vertical composition. The new PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) camera is of course designed for content creation and live streaming, well why not! 

This new camera shoots vertically as standard, no need to adjust the lens or rest the camera on its side, it’s ready to go as is. With the growing demand and need for vertical video its no wonder that a camera like the VertiCam has been designed, it promises video quality that is a huge step up from using your mobile phone and can be left in place ready to go whenever you feel the need to post to social media. 

This new camera provides you or your business with the ability to produce high-quality video streaming content with close integration with all the major social platforms, including; Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Snapchat.

This is one of the first cameras to offer native vertical shooting and embraces the medium packing in features that will help to support the format. The new camera features pro-level full HD 1080P60 video and offers a 12x optical zoom and PTZ offers full Pan, Tilt and Zoom. 

YoloLiv has designed the camera based on the feedback and influence that it has gained from the company’s range of live-streaming products. The camera can recall multiple preset positions as well as being possible to control the camera through a remote connection.

The YoloLive VertiCam will be available in late October 2022 and will retail at $629 + local tax. For more information check out


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