YI set to launch 4K Pixie drone

YI set to launch 4K Pixie drone

YI Technology will soon announce a new Pixie drone that can shoot 13-megapixel still images and record 4K video, according to a leaked manual posted online.

The YI Pixie drone will be controlled via a YI Pilot app on your smartphone. Within the YI Pilot app you will be able to enable features such as Face Follow mode in which the drone recognises human faces and then automatically records a video.

Other features will include Time-lapse and Burst modes, video recording with real-time preview, GPS, Gyro, dual band WiFi and a Fixed-point Surrounding mode where the drone flies in a circle around a point of interest.

Yi Pilot app for Yi Pixie drone

According to the manual the YI Pixie drone’s camera will also offer a manual mode with ISO and White Balance settings. As well as 4K, video can also be recorded in 720p and 1080p.

No release date has yet been given for the YI Pixie drone.

Via Photo Rumors