YI HALO VR camera can shoot stereoscopic video at 8K x 8K

YI HALO VR camera can shoot stereoscopic video at 8K x 8K

YI Technology and Google have announced a new virtual reality camera that can record stereoscopic 8K video, introducing the YI HALO, price tag $16,999.

Via 17 cameras mounted in its circular bod design, the YI HALO can produce 8K x 8K, 360-degree stereoscopic VR video at 30fps, or 5.8K x 5.8K, 360-degree stereoscopic VR video at 60fps.

Meanwhile, the YI HALO also boasts the next generation of Google’s Jump technology – the VR platform the search giant launched back in 2015.

How it works, in a nutshell, is that Google provides the software for the HALO’s separate cameras to create a 360-degree panorama, not to mention space on its servers for stitching the images together.

Companies like YI Technology can then license Jump to meet their hardware needs.

GoPro’s Odyssey, which employs a 16-camera surround, also uses Google Jump. The extra camera on the HALO sits on top, which captures footage from overhead.

Other perks are a 100-minute battery life and a smartphone app for remote control. The YI HALO weighs just over seven pounds, yet is portable and easy to mount, YI says.

Click here to pre-order the YI HALO.

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