News |Yi 360 VR price will be $499, released within ‘few weeks’

Yi 360 VR price will be $499, released within ‘few weeks’

YI unveils 360 VR live virtual reality camera

The Yi 360 VR price tag will be $499, not $399 as commonly thought, and a release date will be announced within a few weeks, the company has said.

360 Rumors reports a conversation with Yi Technology’s official Facebook page, from which Yi says its upcoming Yi 360 VR camera will be priced $499, some $100 more than previously reported.

What’s more, 360 Rumors says it asked if the price difference is due to changes with the 360 camera’s hardware, to which Yi said no.

Yi Technology also added: “Make sure you like our FB page to find out exactly when it launches… which might be in a few weeks.”

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