Yashica digiFilm Camera Y35 release date delayed to July

Yashica digiFilm Camera Y35 release date delayed to July

Yashica has announced that its digiFilm Camera Y35 release date will be pushed back to the end of July due to extra time it has taken to resolve a number of technical issues in the camera’s development.

In a message sent out to its backers, Yashica said its manufacturing and R&D teams have spent a few weeks resolving issues with the digiFilm Camera Y35’s ‘mechanical winder gears integration with digital module’ and internal gear box.

For the latter, Yashica says it has rebuilt the Y35’s metal gear box tooling, which contributed most to the delay.

Yashica says it has also added some upgrades during the process, including threading to adapt with a 37mm lens filter and

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