Xiaomi patents smartphone with 7-sensor pop-up camera

Illustrations in the Xiaomi patent show a pop-up camera that houses both front and rear cameras

Xiaomi patents smartphone with 7-sensor pop-up camera

Xiaomi has patented a smartphone design that features a pop-up camera that incorporates up to seven different sensors.

The patent places the front and rear cameras on the same pop-up mechanism, which runs nearly the width of the top of the phone.

According to the illustrations in the patent, variations of the Xiaomi phone include dual cameras on the front of the pop-up mechanism with either dual, triple or five-sensor arrays on the rear.

It’s worth noting, of course, that companies patent all sorts of new designs, many of which never see the light of day. So the likelihood is we might never see this unique smartphone design in Xiaomi’s ranks.

However, with the trend towards multi-camera setups, we wouldn’t be surprised either to see it fairly soon.

Via GSM Arena

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