News |X-Rite launches the ColorChecker Passport Photo 2

X-Rite launches the ColorChecker Passport Photo 2

X-Rite launches the ColorChecker Passport Photo 2

Colour calibration is an important part of the photographic process, an not just something just for the studio or for post-production. The X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 enhances the popular portable colour chart.

Launched a decade ago, the ColorChecker Passport has been a compact go-to solution for photographers on location. Its small size means that it can be fitted easily alongside other kit, and the hard protective case means that it stays in good condition.

The ColorChecker Passport can be placed into a shot as a colour check and then used during production to ensure that colours are matched and set correctly.

Using a ColorChecker Passport means that you can quickly set white balance, exposure, create custom DNG or ICC camera profiles and ultimate enhance your images swiftly and accurately.

The improved ColorChecker Passport 2 now combines four photographic targets; a new 18% Grey Balance target, upgraded ColorChecker Camera Calibration software with ICC camera profile creation. This new feature is useful for Capture One users working in an ICC compatible workflow.

ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 includes

Camera Calibration Software v2.0

The latest version of the accompanying software now enables you to create a custom DNG or ICC camera profile using the X-Rite ColorChecker Classic or Digital SG target.

By camera profiling, you can ensure accurate colour at the time you’re capturing the shot based on the lighting at the time, camera and lens combination.

The new support for the ColorChecker Digital SG target enables an extended gamut to create more accurate ICC profiles.

ColorChecker Passport 2 Grey Balance Target

Want to get exposures right then the middle grey / 18% Grey balance target is the standard reference.

The target is ideal for checking light ratios and light distribution. The chart once flipped out can be used with reflective handheld light meters or in-camera metering. This means you can quickly determine the correct exposure and can also be used to set neutral balance and remove colour casts.

ColorChecker Passport 2 White Balance Target

There are all sorts of situations where setting a custom white balance is required, and here the target supplies you with a consistent white point across.

ColorChecker Passport 2 Classic Target

You see the target everywhere, and no wonder as the 24-patch colour target has been an industry standard for more than 40 years. Here it’s reproduced pocket sized.

ColorChecker Passport 2 Creative Enhancement Target

This chart has been designed to enable you a reference point to neutralise and create a look with a single click. These enhancement patches; check and evaluate shadow details and highlight clipping to control colour shifts.

ColorChecker Passport 2 Lightroom Plug-In

Its all part of improving the workflow. The latest version of the ColorChecker Passport 2 comes with a Lightroom plugin that enables you to create custom DNG camera profiles directly in Adobe Lightroom Classic and LightroomClassic CC.

ColorChecker Passport 2 Portable Protective Case

It’s what has made the ColorChecker Passport so useful in the past, and now with the second iteration of the chart, it once again resides in the hardcase, now with a handy lanyard.

ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 is available through X-Rite Photo Europe, and the Calibration software is available as a free download.

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X-Rite launches the ColorChecker Passport Photo 2
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X-Rite launches the ColorChecker Passport Photo 2
Colour calibration is a major photographic process and the new X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 is a quick soloution for getting colour right.
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