HOW TO... X-LR, the Fuji Film Simulation mode plug-in, now live

X-LR, the Fuji Film Simulation mode plug-in, now live

X-LR, a Lightroom plug-in designed to read Fujifilm’s Film Simulation from your raw files and applies a corresponding profile in Lightroom, has ended its beta period and is now live.

Lightroom Solutions, which makes the X-LR plug-in, says it works with raw files from all Fuji cameras, including the new medium format GFX 50S.

X-LR also allows you to apply star ratings from the raw file and use other Fuji settings to set Lightroom sliders or apply presets.

The company describes the plug-in further: “In Lightroom you briefly see the Fuji rendering in the Import dialog box and in Library, before Adobe’s raw conversion then takes over.

“Develop’s Camera Calibration panel does allows you to apply profiles which are modelled on theFuji film simulations, that’s no good if you can’t remember which simulation you chose before you pressed the shutter. You may have shot with more than one film simulation setting that day, and the information is not shown anywhere in Lightroom.”

The X-LR plug-in is compatible with both Mac and PC and works on Lightroom 5 or later.

For a limited time you can buy the X-LR plug-in for 33% off.

Via Fuji Rumors

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