Once the domain of professional photographers and videographers, Wiral Lite is launching a cable cam system aimed squarely at amateur users.

The Wiral Lite is a motorised cable cam system to which you can attach your GoPro or camera phone to capture gliding effects.

How it works is you wrap the Wiral Lite’s 164-foot cable around two objects, then attach your camera. The kit comes with a remote control, which you can then use to move the camera along the cable at speeds ranging from just 0.006mp on up to 28mph.

What’s more, the company says the Wiral Lite can shoot for up to three hours on its battery’s single charge.

Other features include a noiseless operation so that your videos aren’t full of unwanted sounds, and a time lapse option at three different speeds.

The Wiral Lite’s motorised dolly weighs just 1.3 pounds and can withstand a payload of 3.3 pounds. It also has a 1/4in tripod thread and can fold down in three minute.

The Wiral Lite was launched on Kickstarter seeking $30,000 and reached its funding goal in just three minutes.

The Wiral Lite price tag is just $200 during its funding campaign, and is expected to double once it hits the retail market.

Via Digital Trends

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