And the winner of our Nikon D3400 competition is…

Nikon D3400

We are proud to announce that photographer Sian Peach is the winner of our Nikon D3400 competition on Facebook!

Sian was chosen at random from the list of people who like our Facebook page. When we launched the contest we said that once we reached 2,000 likes we would choose a winner from among our followers.

Sian has been an ‘enthusiastic amateur’ photographer since her first gap year in 2003.

Sian says: “I love to travel so the love of photography really stemmed from wanting to capture great memories. I cant wait to use my new camera when I go to Bali in October!”

We wish Sian all the best with her new camera, and we would also like to thank Nikon for its support in providing the prize.

Likewise, thank you to everyone who has supported us on Facebook and beyond!