Wimius L1 4K Snap Verdict

These days you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a decent action camera, and the Wimius L1 4K is a testament to this.

It packs in features that matter at a price that makes sense for anyone just starting out.

The design and user experience are basic but the quality of build and electronics is all decent enough, and it’s made to last.

Image quality for the price is right, and you won’t be disappointed with the smoothness of motion. However, the camera is a little loose in the cage, so a bit of packing is needed to avoid rattle with the audio.

At a touch under £50, the Winius L1 4K is an ideal starter camera designed to take the hits, and what’s more the kit provides a wealth of mounting options that are ideal for starters.

For Product

  • 1080p at 60fps
  • Plenty of mounts included
  • Comes with two batteries

Against Product

  • Dynamic range limited
  • Low bitrate recording
  • Basic app

Introducing the Wimius L1 4K

Less than a year ago I looked at a series of budget action camera’s and although many looked the part those that fell under the £50 price bracket were rarely worth it.


Wimius L1 4K ReviewNow a few months on and the market has changed, GoPro has streaked ahead with the Hero 5 and now 6, and this seems to have pushed forward the budget end of the market as well.

Most budget cameras will now pack in the 4K video which is all well and good.

But if that 4K comes in with a frame rate of less than 24fps, then the footage can look distinctly jerky, at which point you know the camera isn’t worth it.

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The Wimius, however, meets that 24fps marker and is one of a new generation of action cameras that offers the user a decent set of usable features.

You get 4K at 24fps which is fine for scene setting, then 1080p at 60fps which is perfect for action.

These resolutions and framerates are made possible by the inclusion of proven electronics from Novatec and Sony.

The Wimius L1 4K might be cheap, but it offers a decent set of features that are well balanced and usable at a very nice price.

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