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Wifi boost for your camera with CamFi Pro

CamFi Pro

In-camera Wifi helps to extend the functionality of your camera; from remote control to downloading and viewing your images. While the built-in Wifi is a great addition, there are issues.

Primarily, as soon as you activate Wifi on your camera you’ll start to speed up the depletion of your camera’s battery. Especially when you start to transfer images.

Not only will you shorten your shooting time, but, the signal strength of a camera’s WiFi system is often pretty weakT. hat’s where the CamFi and CamFi Pro come into play.

These two devices offer extended wireless functionality for your Canon, Nikon or Sony camera.

As well as boosting the signal strength for wireless transfer of images and control of your camera, the purpose made app aims to enhance your photographic experience.

Features such as Auto view, Live View, Timelapse, HDR advance bracket, Focus Stack, video recording, multi-camera control and auto print are all possible.

The two versions of the CamFi have much the same features with the Pro giving an overall power boost for a more robust Wifi signal using 802.11 AC.

One big feature of both devices is that you can link multiple cameras together in a rig to shoot bullet time sequences.

We will be getting review samples in soon, for now, if you want to find out more about the CamFi and CamFi Pro, pop along to

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