Watch this Canon MH20f-SH film the Milky Way in live real time at ISO 400,000


Last month when the Perseid Meteor Shower was performing nightly acrobatics and luring night sky photography enthusiasts from around the world out to secluded locations, Uncage the Soul Productions had a different idea.

Armed with a Canon MH20f-SH and a Sigma 20mm ART lens, the group followed 20 members of a high school Astronomy club away from the city lights to meet 600 other astronomers at the Oregon Star Party where they had gathered to witness the celestial event.

As the filmmakers state, in the past time-lapse technology has been the only way to show events in the night sky, but new low-light technology in the Canon MH20f-SH – which can shoot at an astonishing 4 million ISO rating – has made it possible to capture the night sky in real time.

Have a look at the video. We’re pretty sure you’ll be astonished. And before you start feeling like your own camera is inadequate, remember that the Canon MH20f-SH sells for about $20,000!


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