News |Vuze VR camera to get revamped app, extend editing software to Mac

Vuze VR camera to get revamped app, extend editing software to Mac

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Human Eyes will soon update its Vuze VR camera’s companion app with image and video preview capability, as well as extend its editing software to Mac users.

We were the first to test the Vuze in the UK, and while we couldn’t fault its unique design nor image quality, we said that the limitations of its app and editing software made it feel like an incomplete product.

Ahead of IFA in Berlin, Human Eyes has issued a statement saying that ‘after our initial launch we’re getting some great feedback from current users on how to make the camera even better.’

The company says that it will soon release new Android and iOS versions of the Vuze app that now include image and video preview functionality, as well as new exposure settings and media playback on the camera.

What’s more, in early 2018 Human Eyes says the Vuze VR camera will add live streaming capabilities.

Human Eyes says it is also extending its Vuze VR Studio editing software to Mac users with a beta version expected by the end of September.

As a Mac user, when I tested the Vuze I had to not only locate a PC to view my images and video, but also upgrade it to Windows 8.1 or higher. So the extension to Macs should open the Vuze up to a whole new audience.

The Vuze VR camera has also been integrated with Google Street View, allowing users to share their content directly with the platform. The Vuze is now the first 3D – 360 VR camera with this built-in feature.

Human Eyes is also releasing an underwater casing for the Vuze that slips over the body.

We look forward to testing the Vuze again with its revamped app and slew of new features.

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