VIRE debuts world’s first VR, AR advertising format

VIRE debuts world’s first VR, AR advertising format

VIRE, a tech company that develops advertising platforms for emerging technologies, has launched what it calls the world’s first VR- and AR-based advertising formats.

The German-based firm has announced VIRE Video Ads and VIRE Product Ads, which work across all digital platforms such as VR and AR applications,
mobile and browser-based applications.

VIRE’s ad formats are can be directly placed as video pre-rolls, interstitials and regular banner ads in a web browser and on mobile.

The company says that initial tests have shown that the new VR and AR ad formats drive higher engagement and direct response rates than traditional web ads.

When users move their phones, the objects in the ads move in sync using the mobile phone’s gyroscope, allowing viewers an interactive 360-degree experience.

VIRE’s immersive video ads also offer an interactive experience via 360 videos.

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