News |Velapp app edits your iPhone videos as you record them

Velapp app edits your iPhone videos as you record them


Velapp, a new video-recording app for iPhone, allows users to automatically edit their footage as they shoot it.

Velapp employs the iPhone’s 3D Touch technology to create final videos that can be shared as soon as they are shot, Velapp’s creator, David de Min, says.

While filming with Velapp, users simply press on the screen to mark the moments they believe are their best footage.

Velapp then assigns the frames a rating between 0-10. The harder you press with your finger, the higher the rating it will assign a clip.

Once you’ve finished recording, Velapp then automatically pulls together the highest-rated scenes into edited footage and users can then choose how much of it to play back and export.

Velapp is free to download if you don’t mind a watermark of the company’s logo on your footage. The free version also has a one-minute export limit per video.

However, you can upgrade to a paid version for £1.99 that removes the watermark and offers exports of any length.

Click here to download Velapp from iTunes.

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