Reviews |Vanguard Veo Range 38 Messenger Bag Review

Vanguard Veo Range 38 Messenger Bag Review

Vanguard Veo Range 38 Messenger Bag Review

Snap verdict

With a very well thought out design and build quality to rival high-end bags, the Veo is quite possibly one of the best messenger bags on the market! The padded strap provides great comfort, especially with heavier loads. It is highly adaptable, making it a versatile option for your everyday needs plus most photographic adventures!


Vanguard Veo Range 38 Messenger – £89.99 –


Vanguards series of Veo Range bags are designed to be versatile for both your personal belongings and camera equipment. It is a well-padded and sturdy bag, offering good protection from knocks and bumps and includes a protective rain cover.

Vanguard Veo Range 38 Messenger Bag Review

It features several compartments for smaller items, a wallet for example and the two side pockets can hold your water bottles. With such a well thought out design, the Veo 38 can be used in just about any photographic scenario, or for anything non-photographic for that matter.


This bag is all about storage. It has the main section, easily capable of holding a medium or large camera with 2-3 lenses. At the bottom of the bag is another section where you could fit another 2-3 lens, or perhaps a big 70-200mm f/2.8 if needed.

It holds a slot in which you can fit up to a 15-inch laptop and under the flap, there are two pockets for memory cards, although I managed to fit a few batteries in here too. At either side of the bag are elasticated pockets, perfect for carrying water, or even a small tabletop tripod.

At the top of the bag is a zip which allows quick access into the main area. A small tripod can be attached using the buckles to secure it in place. A combination of buckles, Velcro and a zip allows for greater security and peace of mind.

Build and handling

The overall feel of the bag gives me confidence it could sustain some pretty hard knocks and still do its job in protecting your camera gear.

The thick strap has a padded cushion for comfort and is also gripped, meaning it can be carried on one shoulder very easily.

Although the buckles are plastic, they are strong and feel very durable. Everything on it feels well made and honestly cannot think of a negative in this regard.


I’ve never been a fan of messenger bags, but I have really enjoyed using the Veo 38. The comfort, ease of use and most importantly the storage it offers make it one of the best bags I’ve used.

Vanguard Veo Range 38 Messenger Bag Review

Being such a versatile bag meant I was able to take it to work and head out on shoots with it. I tend to shoot with several primes and two bodies, so during events, the quick access made light work of finding what was needed.

As you can see in the images, the bag has a large capacity and I was able to fit my large Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 in the bottom, plus my other photographic essentials in the other compartments.

For long hikes along the rugged coasts, I wouldn’t choose anything other than a rucksack, but this wasn’t really meant for that type of terrain. Street, events, portraits or even weddings perhaps, that’s where this bag shines.


Vanguard has created a lovely range of bags offering good versatility and strength. The Veo 38 holds up well to most of the competition in its price bracket while beating many others in both price and features.

If you’re in the market for a well-designed, practical and good-looking messenger bag for under £100, I highly recommend you look no further!