Vanguard releases VESTA mini tripod


Mini tripods are a phenomenon that once tried you’ll never be without. The new Vanguard VESTA range offers a unique take on the mini tripod with a solid and lightweight design.

This mini tripod measures just 18cm when folded and weighs in at just 155g. This size and weight makes it ideal for slipping into a side pocket as a kit bag essential.

Capable of holding your CSC or small to medium DSLR, within reason, the VESTA is an ideal solution for supplying instant support.

Each VESTA features a standards 1/4-inch thread that will bolt directly into the base of your camera, or if you’re looking for something for your mobile phone then there’s an adapter in the box.

The VESTA features a unique connected three leg design which sees all three legs fold out together. On the top is a small ball head with a secure knob that locks it tight when you find your composition.

This ball head gives you plenty of flexibility and with the mobile phone adapter connected enables you to tilt the head easily from landscape to portrait orientation.

Although the primary use for these mini tripods is for your camera or phone they’re also perfect for holding microphones, audio recorders, lights or even lightweight reflectors. Any hand accessory for all occasions.

The VESTA is available in Black, Champagne (Gold), Rose Gold and White.

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