News |Vanguard launches VEO 2S monopods with tri-feet

Vanguard launches VEO 2S monopods with tri-feet

Vanguard VEO 2S monopods

As the popularity of video expands, the use and design of the humble monopod have been reimagined. The latest innovations come from Vanguard with four New VEO 2S monopods.

All new models feature Tri-feet that are designed to offer photographers and videographers an extra level of stability.

The new models are as follows:


This aluminium monopod with a 23mm diameter leg packs down to just 52cm and weighs just 805g. The small packed size makes it an ideal travel companion with an extended height of 155cm and maximum load capacity of 5kg. The AM-234TR is available now for £79.99


The AM-264TR is again an aluminium monopod with a slightly larger (26mm) diameter leg that packs down to 55cm and weighs just 890g. The larger leg diameter also means that this one has a little more on the height and will extend to 163cm and take a maximum load capacity of 6kg. RRP £89.99


Next up is the carbon fibre models with a 26mm diameter leg that folds down to 55cm and weighs just 800g. This monopod is essentially the carbon version of the AM-264TR and again offers 163cm in height and will take a max load of 6Kg and will have an RRP £109.99.

All three of these new monopods features a standard ¼” thread and comes with a Vanguard Smartphone Connector, priced at an RRP of £19.99 if bought separately. T


Finally the VEO 2S AM-264TR with VEO PH-13 2-way Video Head. This combines two of Vanguards products into a kit aimed at videographers.
Again the entire package is compact folding down to 63cm and weighs 1.4kg.

This monopod offers a very respectable 171cm at max height and will support 4kg.

The combination of video head and tri-foot monopod will enable videographers maximum versatility. RRP £119.99

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Vanguard launch VEO 2S monopods with tri-feet
Vanguard launch VEO 2S monopods with tri-feet. The new range is a mix of Aluminium and Carbon models with the addition of a tri-foot for extra stability.
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