News |Vanguard launch two new tripods

Vanguard launch two new tripods

Vanguard launch two new tripods

The travel tripod craze has matured, and the latest generation of three-legged supports tend to offer a decent combination of height and maximum load.

The two latest additions to the Vanguard VEO 2GO travel tripod range are the VEO 2GO 265HCBM (carbon) and VEO 2GO 265HABM (aluminium) and sure enough with a 1.66m working height and 10kg max load they stand above the average travel tripod.

The two supports offer a virtually identical design and specification, it’s just the difference in the leg material that seperates the two versions.

As such the spec’s for the two are almost identical.

Being travel tripods the pack downsize is an essential feature. Face it, it has to be to ensure that the humble support packs alongside the rest of your luggage with ease. Here the new VEO2 Go measures just 41cm in length.

Likewise if your travelling then the weight of the tripod is also a major consideration and here the carbon version at 1415g is not at all bad for a tripod that’s capable of holding that max load.

Load capacity for travel tripods can be an issue, but, here both tripods offer a 10kg maximum capacity, more than enough for almost anybody lens combo you can think of.

Ensuring maximum compatibility with accessories such as L-brackets each tripod features an Arca Swiss compatible ball head.

Another feature that has become a staple of the travel, and infact almost all modern tripods, is the monopod leg, here you get a very decent 170cm of height.

Being a three legged support is no longer enough, every tripod needs to pack in additional features. The two VEO2 Go’s offer low angle adapter, reversable centre column, rubber or spiked feet and a retractable spike for hanging weight (Not sure what that is but sure I’ll find out in due course.)

We’ve already looked at the VEO2 Go 265HCB and were impressed by the build and performance. If that tripod is anything to go by then these two new additions could be equally impressive.

The new VEO 2GO 265HCBM will go on sale for £249.99 and the VEO 2GO 265HABM will be £199.


Vanguard launch two new tripods
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Vanguard launch two new tripods
Vanguard launch two new tripods the VEO 2GO 265HCBM and VEO 2GO 265HABM. One carbon and the other Aluminium but otherwise two new solid travel tripods.
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Camera Jabber
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