News |Vangaurd GH-300T and GH-100 Pistol Grips receive updates

Vangaurd GH-300T and GH-100 Pistol Grips receive update


The latest GH-300T and GH-100 pistol grip heads from Vanguard feature more than a twist or two. They’re a great alternative to the standard 3-way or ball heads that are sported by most tripods.

You may have heard of the GH-300T and GH-100 in the past, but these are all new versions with a design refresh to bring them in line with the new Alta 2+ style. It’s not all looks however and there have been a few tweaks to the mechanics to make these heads easier to control and lock than ever before. 

On the old version of the head, a grip release mechanism was used to lock the head, this has now been replaced by a hammer at the back of the pistol. Another change is the integration of an Arca Swiss compatible plate for enhanced flexibility and compatibility. 

Here’s a quick run through of what else the two pistol grip tripod heads have to offer.

The Alta GH-300T, to give the head its full name, really is something different. That T in the name highlights that this is a trigger pistol grip. This enables you to connect your camera into the head employing a cable and then use the built-in a trigger to fire the shutter.

This technology has been around for a few years and enables ultimate flexibility when it comes to shooting/photographing wildlife and moving subjects.

As with your cameras shutter button, the trigger is pressure sensitive, so a half push will enable you to focus before a full squeeze to release the shutter.

The cable connection is through the base of the pistol handle which features a standard 2.5mm DC Shutter Release socket. Nikon and Canon cables are supplied in the box.

As well as the trigger the head can be easily rotated through eight different positions and has 360º panning, 90º tilt and 72 click points for perfect panoramas.

The head takes a standard Arca Swiss style plate for maximum compatibility.

The Alta GH-300T has a maximum payload of 5.9kg.

The GH-100T is a simplified version of the GH-300T with no trigger system to connect to your camera. It does, however, feature the same maximum payload.

For more information on the Vanguard GH-300T and GH-100 check out

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