Uten 4K Ultra HD snap verdict

You can now buy the Uten 4K Ultra HD action camera for less than £50. For that price, you get 4K video at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps and it arrives with all the mounts you could need to get started and a spare battery, so what’s the catch? Low light performance isn’t great and there are quite a few glare issues with the lens housing. The image also gets rather soft towards the edges and theres very evident signs of chromatic aberation especially towards the corners. If you’re looking for a cheap action camera then the Uten is certainly that, but despite the low light issues that result in high grain and flare the motion is good and smooth. As long as you’re not expecting GoPro quality the Uten could be a good first camera.

For GoXtreme Vision 4K

  • Very low price
  • 1080p at 60fps
  • Spare battery

Against Product

  • Basic feature set
  • Screen difficult to see from an angle
  • Poor low light performance

Recently I’ve seen a massive influx of low priced action cameras, but amongst them, the Uten 4K Ultra HD caught my eye. On the surface and as with other sub-£50 action cameras, the Uten looks the business, but can you really get a fully fledged action camera for this price?

The Uten 4K Ultra HD certainly looks the part and running through the specifications and features everything seems to add up fine.

I was expecting the build quality to be a little flakey around the edges, but a quick cursory look and all seems to be good.

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Uten 4K Ultra HD
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