HOW TO... Using the Benro Filter system with Baxter Bradford


Gathered at a cliff top hotel on the Torbay Coast, a select group of UK photo press gather for an in-depth look at the new Benro Filter System.

Along with our hosts is our photographic guide for the next 24 hours, landscape photographer Baxter Bradford.

Baxter is local to the Torbay coastline and knows the area in a way that only a local can, and therefore all the best locations for our upcoming sunset and sunrise photo sessions.

He’s also an avid filter user, thus the Benro connection, and knows the tricks of filter use that can only come through years of experience.

As the session starts Baxter welcomes us all to the area and sets the scene for the forthcoming event. Which it appears starts with an evening sunset shoot, all good, then back to the hotel for a brief kip before falling out of bed at 4 am to capture the sunrise, oh joy.

Benro GD3WH geared tripod head review

However, despite being told that my relaxing night in a coastal hotel is going to be even briefer than expected, Baxter wins us all back with a few light-hearted comments and the promise of some amazing images.

As we check through the filters and systems we’re all introduced to the more technical features including the hydrophobic coatings, this helps avoid moisture smears and the advanced filter system holder itself.

After a check through I decide on an ND Grad or two for balancing the land and sky and an ND for some extended exposures.

For a full rundown of the Benro Filter sytem check out the video with Mark Hoskins here.

In just a few short minutes Baxter also manages to impart a wealth of knowledge in a way that only those trained in education can.

More importantly, he’s full of fascinating tips and tricks that the group can all employ as we head out for those sunset and sunrise shots.

But before we head out, and before Baxter and the Benro team have time to pack away and grab a coffee, I catch a few minutes with Baxtor to ask filter related questions inspired by his earlier presentation.