UltraLuuv combines electronic and mechanical stabilisation for your action camera


The UltraLuuv ‘two- by three-axis’ stabiliser for action cameras is now shipping, three years after its successful crowdfunding campaign.

Made in Germany by Luuv, the UltraLuuv combines a mechanical stabiliser with an electronic gimbal that allows users to aim the camera with pan and tilt controls for the gimbal.

In fact, the UltraLuuv is two separate products from Luuv combined into one: the SolidLuuv stabiliser and the company’s electronic Action Gimbal.

The UltraLuuv is being sold as a kit with both components for €599; alternatively, you can buy the SolidLuuv and Action Gimbal separately for €349 and €269, respectively.

In the video above you can get a glimpse of the UltraLuuv works and the results it can produce.

Via Digital Trends

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