News |The UK’s most searched photography questions (and their answers)

The UK’s most searched photography questions (and their answers)

The UK’s most searched photography questions (and their answers)

When it comes to taking photos, what do we ask ourselves the most? Are we a nation of photography enthusiasts or merely just looking to snap a few selfies.

Photography is a popular topic, with around 50,000 people searching for it each month. By looking more closely at data from Google around user searches, Clifton Cameras compiled some research into what it is UK photographers are asking…

‘How to take a selfie’

– 2,400 average searches a month

Due to their popularity, it might surprise you that lots of people still haven’t figured out how to snap a picture of themselves. In the UK, there are still an average of 2,400 searches around how to take the infamous ‘selfie.’ A casual photograph, the ‘selfie’ is easily taken by flipping your phone camera to front view, or using a DSLR that has a flip-out screen.

‘What camera should I buy?’

– 880 average searches a month.

Clearly, we’re indecisive. Being one of the most common questions any UK Google user asks, we’re clearly in need of some advice. However, it’s a tough question to answer as it very much depends on your needs. If you want something light, portable and easy to use, a smartphone camera will do the job.

If you’re heading into professional photography, a Nikon or Canon DSLR is a smart choice. If you’d prefer vlogging, blogging and other trendy photography, you’re best off with a mirrorless camera that packs the tech of a DSLR into a smaller body.

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‘How to take good photos’

– 590 average searches a month

This is a tough question to answer – as photos often depend on the quality of your camera and the conditions you take them in. As a rule of thumb, your photos should be taken with the best possible exposure – which is a combination of aperture and shutter speed. You’ll need to keep your ISO settings down as low as possible to avoid noise.

You’ll also need to master ‘framing’ and know how to create visual interest. Try photographing from multiple angles. Ultimately, getting better photos is a matter of practice. Here’s a blog full of extensive tips and tricks.

What’s the most popular photography category?

In photography, not all fields are the same. Instead, most enthusiasts and experts master a ‘style’ – but which of these are the UK’s most popular? Here are the most popular by average monthly searches:

1.    Wedding Photography – 9,900 average searches a month
2.    Portrait Photography – 6,600
3.    Street Photography – 4,400
4.    Newborn Photography – 4,400
5.    Baby Photography – 3,600
6.    Fashion Photography – 3,600
7.    Wildlife Photography – 2,400
8.    Night Photography – 1,300
9.    Family Photography – 1,000
10.    Commercial Photography – 1,000

We’re clearly a nation obsessed with pictures of us getting getting hitched and having children – with weddings and family images dominating the top ten!

‘What camera do vloggers use?’

– 80 average searches a month

While this attracts far less search interest, the question is interesting as it shows just how popular vlogging has become. Whether it’s Zoella or Pewdiepie, every day people who cast a camera at themselves have risen to fame. But what camera is it? While this varies from person to person, all vloggers need the following features:

  • Video capture at HD quality.
  • Lightweight, as they need to be able to hold them for extended periods.
  • An external microphone jack, as most internal mics are not ideal for high quality sound.
  • A flip out screen is also very useful, as it enables a vlogger to see what they’re recording when they’ve got the camera pointed at themselves.

With those requirements in mind, mirrorless (CSC) cameras are perfect.

Clearly, the UK has lots to learn when it comes to photography. Fortunately, it’s an easy hobby to pick up and one that is fun to progress in. Pick your camera, consult some guides and get snapping!

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5 years ago

Hey Jeff! I’ve been writing about vlogging cameras for a bit more than 2 years, and I can say that your recommendations are on point. I love recommending mirrorless to vloggers because they pretty much are perfect for the job. It’s a shame that most of them don’t come with an external microphone input though. That’s why I love Panasonic micro 4/3rds, and I think those are amazing choice for vloggers.

The good thing is that we can still use our smartphones as external recorders. I usually recommend connecting a lavaliere microphone to a smartphone, or another kind of external recorder, if you want a more dedicated device for this. Nothing will ever be better than connecting a shotgun mic to a hot shoe, but we do what we can.

I’d love to know what you think about my microphone recommendations for vloggers, if you got some spare time. It’s a pretty complete mic list that are good priced and offer good quality. You can find it here if you ever have the time:

Keep up the great work 🙂