News |Twelve South launches compact StayGo USB hub

Twelve South launches compact StayGo USB hub

Twelve South StayGo

If you own one of the latest MacBook Pro’s then you’ll be more than aware of the frustrations of too few ports. There is only one type of connection and that’s USB Type-C, so if you have a hard drive or accessory that uses something else then you’ll need an adapter. 

This is where the Twelve South StayGo comes in. The compact device features a sleek design that is equally suited to being used at home or on the move.

The way it works is simple, just like any other USB hub you plug the Type-C to Type-C cable into your computer and then plug your non USB Type-C device into one of the ports dotted around the edge.

What marks the StayGo out against many other USB hubs is the pure volume of ports for its size. You have eight different options with HDMI, USB-A + Power, two more USB-A, Ethernet, USB-C alongside two memory card ports.

This makes it the ideal portable companion, enabling you to connect to large screens through HDMI or USB Type-C and to external hard drives and accessories. 

Another great feature is the addition of an SD and MicroSD card ports. Now not only are you able to connect your external hard drives but also review and download your images from the days shoot. 

Like many USB hubs and docs, the StayGo takes it’s power from the computer so there’s no need to carry additional cables or power supplies. 

The hub comes with two USB Type-C cables; one short that slots into the side of the hub and another longer version.

The StayGo is available now for $99, for more details check out


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