News |Timelapse+ View 1.8 adds greater compatibility

Timelapse+ View 1.8 adds greater compatibility

Timelapse+ View 1.8

It may be small, but Timelapse+ View 1.8 is an intervalometer that has made its mark on the professional time-lapse market. The device simply slots into your cameras hot-shoe and enables you to take stunning time-lapse sequences.

It’s not just time-lapse, this clever device enables advance control over your cameras shutter and other features, all through a comprehensive App.

Those features start with the basics, shutter control and preview but also enables far more. Theres Keyframe motion programming, focus ramping, sun and moon tracking, solar eclipse programming and undoubtedly more.

Now Timelapse+ (The Company) VIEW 1.8 (The Product) is been released, and the update adds greater camera support with a new USB Camera driver called CORE (The Firmware).

The latest update focuses on Mirrorless cameras and the ability to use an electronic shutter. Traditionally shooting time-lapse sequences could mean heavy wear on the shutter mechanics, but as there are no moving parts with an electronic shutter the issue of wear is eliminated.

The New Camera Driver is Timelapse+ CORE which the company has designed from the ground up, giving greater flexibility to adapt to the latest camera releases.

The new CORE driver can be used with the VIEW product, and Timelapse+ is offing the update for free for personal use and a fee for commercial use.

Timelapse+ VIEW New Camera Support

  • Canon EOS and EOS R
  • Nikon DSLR and Nikon Z
  • Fuji X and Fuji GFX
  • Olympus
  • Panasonic
  • Sony Updates

Timelapse+ VIEW Additional Improvements

Besides the new camera driver, there are hundreds of minor improvements and bugfixes.

  • Live adjustments: change time-lapse parameters across a series of frames while it’s running
  • Long-term time-lapse: Weekly schedule can be configured with daily start/stop times.
  • The auto ramping ​starting exposure is now decoupled from the post-transition exposure​.
  • Support for the ​eMotimo ST4​ using a USB data adaptor cable.

Experimental features

Timelapse+ has also confirmed that it is developing feature that will link in with the DJI Ronin S and SC gimbals. We’ll bring you more on that development as soon as we hear.

If you would like to read more about the CORE or VIEW then head on over to


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