Thom Hogan predicts a Nikon full-frame mirrorless camera by February

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Photographer, writer and Nikon expert Thom Hogan has predicted that Nikon will release its full-frame mirrorless camera in February 2018.

Hogan, who writes Nikon camera guides and extensively about Nikon gear, has said he expects the company to publicly unveil its new mirrorless system at the CP+ trade show in Japan in March, with an announcement in late February.

What’s more, Hogan says that by the Photokina trade show in the autumn, “I expect Nikon to have both DX and FX mirrorless options.” He adds:

The optimist says that Nikon will realize their failures and add DX lenses, fix the consumer DX DSLRs, add DX mirrorless, add FX mirrorless (as a Df replacement, with a nod to retro), announce lens roadmaps, update the D5/D500, replace the D750, and Holy Sensor Batman add a higher pixel count D5x and at least one pro-level compact! Yeah, that’s some optimist.

The problem is that the cynical me is likely more correct than the optimist. And the reason is management. In retrospect, management has been making wrong calls for some time. Really bad calls…

Nikon needed a DX mirrorless entry a year ago. They could have launched with only a couple of lenses and a lens road map and done just fine. Now they’re racing from behind. Far behind.

Nikon needed an FX mirrorless entry this buying season. One that deals with the D6xx/Df crowd and could hold serve against any upcoming Sony A7 Mark III. That, too, could have launched with a couple of lenses and a lens road map and done just fine.

So we’re about to see if Nikon has a miracle accelerator in their arsenal….

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