Think Tank debuts new Spectral shoulder bags

Think Tank debuts new Spectral shoulder bags

Think Tank has launched a new Spectral range of shoulder bags for photographers, which are designed to be discreet.

The new shoulder bag range consists of the Spectral 8, Spectral 10 and Spectral 15. Each bag is constructed from 420D velocity nylon, heavy-duty nylon tarpaulin, YKK RC Fuse zippers, 350G 3D air mesh, antique plated metal hardware, and 3-ply bonded nylon thread.

The differences are subtle. The Think Tank Spectral 8 is the smallest in the range and can hold a DSLR plus a detached 24-70mm zoom lens or attached wide-angle or short zoom lens, plus one more large lens or two smaller optics.

Think Tank says the Spectral 10 can house up to three extra lenses plus a detached 70-200mm lens and an attached 24-70mm. The Spectral 15 can also fit the same amount as the 10, but with four additional lenses.

The Spectral 8 can hold an 8in tablet, while the Spectral 10 and 15 can accommodate 10in tablets, as well as a pocket for your smartphone. The Spectral 15 can also hold a 15in laptop.

The Think Tank Spectral bags also boast straps for attaching a tripod and a rain cover.

The Think Tank Spectral 8 price tag is $100, while the Spectral 10 costs $120 and the Spectral 15 is priced $140.

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