News |The Coalition of Photographers forms in the UK

The Coalition of Photographers forms in the UK

The Coalition of Photographers aims to give professional photographers a voice in the current crisis

The Coalition of Photographers

The pandemic has been hard on everyone, including professional photographers and videographers. In an attempt to help, the UK’s foremost photographic associations and groups have joined together to create a single voice for photographers/videographers.

The plan is to lobby government and appeal to the media with a united message.

A Facebook group has been formed and is open to professional photographers and videographers as well as members of the photographic trade to keep abreast of developments.

Today The Coalition of Photographers issued the following statement outlining their plan:

We all know the photographic industry has been hit hard by this pandemic. Over the last few months Associations, Trade and individual photographers have been trying to gain more support from the Government in their own ways.

The Government has focused any targeted assistance on the largest of industries. The photography industry is not one of those. With that in mind, we all need to come together and punch above our weight by collectively creating a Tidal Wave of activity to highlight our situation.

The first stage is to literally flood key departments, individuals and media outlets with letters arriving collectively on 12th October, rather than being spread across months as they have been so far. This will make sure our message is heard, and just a few days before a scheduled Parliamentary Debate about how Small Businesses can be helped!

Obviously we are all in unique situations so our combined message needs to be simple and generic if it is to open the door to discussion or change – the initial message will therefore focus on our need for industry support and parity!

At this point we want everyone to invite support to this group. We need as many people as possible involved. Every Association, Trade Company and Photographer/Videographer has a role here!

On Wednesday 7th the Associations and the Trade will be contacting the media to tell them about what we are doing collectively.

On Thursday 8th template-based letters will be made available for you to download, personalise, and post on Friday 9th (to a list of addresses which we will also publish).

Please note that we are asking for letters, as every letter will have to be opened.

All the Associations and Trade supporting this effort will be highlighted on the letters to emphasise the impact across the industry.

Those involved expressing support so far are below and we will keep adding to this list as more us –

Associations, Bodies and Groups
British Institute of Professional Photographers
Disabled Photographers Association
The Federation of European Photographers
The Guild of Photographers
London Portrait Group
The Master Photographers Association
The National Photographic Society
Nine Dots
The Professional Photographers Association of Northern Ireland
The Royal Photographic Society
The Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers

The Trade
Fabrizia Costa Mentoring
Folio Albums
Future Publishing
Gary Hill Training
The Image File
InFocus Insurance
LightBlue Software
Loxley Colour
Mentor Me On Steroids
One Vision Imaging
The Photographers Mentor
This is Reportage

If you are ‘trade’ or represent professional photographers or videographers please make contact at the email below. If you know a business or association that you think should be a part of this initiative, please share it with them –


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