News |TetherTools release TetherBoost Pro 31 ft USB-C Cable System

TetherTools release TetherBoost Pro 31 ft USB-C Cable System

TetherTool release TetherBoost Pro 31 ft

Tethering your camera to your workstation in the studio makes sense, as it lets you check the quality and composition of your images and video on a large monitor. This eliminates the need to extract memory cards and download image content from them to your machine; the data is instantly transferred and displayed. 

However, being tethered has its issues; you have the cable, which can restrict movement and then there’s the cable’s length. However, addressing the cable length issue TetherTools has announced the TetherBoost Pro 31ft (9.4m) USB-C cable.

The new system of cables consists of TetherTools high-quality 15′ TetherPro Cable, available in either USB Type-C to Type-C or Type-C to Micro-B, along with the TetherBoost pro-USB-C Core Controller Extension Cable that enables the extension in tether cable length. This dual cable system allows you to adapt the cable depending on your needs. 

The TetherBoost Cabel enables fast data transfer and stability. Further enhancing the system is the inclusion of the TetherGuard Extension lock that helps to protect the cables in the studio and on set. Ten ProTab Cable Ties are also included to help you keep the cables organised and neat. 

Key features of the TetherBoost Pro 31 ft (9.4m) USB-C Cable System

  • Keep your cables and data secure.
  • Connect your base TetherPro Cable to the USB-C Core Controller Extension Cable for a maximum length of 31 feet (9.4 m)
  • Tether a USB-C computer to your USB-C camera port
  • Tether a USB-C computer to your USB 3.0 camera port
  • Either boost Pro USB 3.1 Gen 2 10 Gbps transfer.
  • TetherPro USB-C to USB-C 15′ cable USB 3.1, Gen 1, 5Gbps transfer
  • TetherPro USB-C to Micro B 15′ cable USB 3.0, 5Gbps transfer
  • TetherBoost Pro integrated power regulator for consistent and reliable data transfer over longer distances
  • Versatile configuration of 15 or 31 feet, depending on the job requirement.
  • Interchange computer side cable with multiple Camera side cables.
  • Never have more cable on set than you need. Add the extension only when needed. The extension Lock secures, stabilises, and protects the cable.
  • Create and maintain a fast and reliable connection at 15 or 31 feet
  • Weather Resistant TetherGuard Extension Lock
  • Crush-proof housing protects PCB and IC Chip from damage.
  • 1 Year Warranty

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