Tenba launches new Shootout Collection backpacks

Tenba launches new Shootout Collection backpacks

Tenba has announced two new additions to its range of Shootout Collection backpacks, as well as revamped versions of its existing bags.

New to the range are the Shootout 14L Slim and Shootout 16L. The 14L Slim is designed to hold one or two mirrorless cameras or small DSLRs, along with up to five lenses. The Shootout 16L can accommodate the same amount of gear, but will support standard size DSLR cameras.

Both the 14L and 16L bags offer rear access and can also accommodate a DJI Mavic or similar compact drone.

The 24L and 32L Shootout Collection bags are updates to the originals, launched back in 2014. The 24L backpack can support up to two DSLRs and four lenses, plus a 15-inch laptop. The 32L model can hold two DSLRs with battery grips and a mounted lens up to 400mm f/2.8, plus a 17-inch laptop and up to seven additional lenses.

The 24L and 32L bags offer a new side access panel and a hip belt with an extender strap.

All the backpacks are made of water repellent fabric and come with rain covers. All the bags also include a Pivot-Fit harness, adjustable trolley strap and a pocket for a water bottle.

The Shootout 17L is priced £170, the 16L priced £180, the 24L priced £210 and the 32L bag costs £260.