Reviews |Tenba CineLuxe Pro Gimbal Backpack 24 Review

Tenba CineLuxe Pro Gimbal Backpack 24 Review

Tenba CineLuxe Pro Gimbal Backpack 24 Review

Stabilising gimbals are designed to help us produce smooth, steady footage and they can really elevate movie quality. However, to get the best from one, it needs to be set-up and carefully balanced so the motors don’t get overworked and the camera moves where you want it to. That setting up takes time. And if you have a large gimbal like the Freefly MōVI Pro and DJI Ronin 2, you have to dismantle it at the end of the shoot to get it and the camera back to base safely.

The Tenba CineLuxe Pro Gimbal Backpack 24 is a huge bag that opens like a Gladstone bag. Crucially, it has the capacity to hold a Freefly MōVI Pro or DJI Ronin 2 with the camera still mounted. There’s also space for accessories like a matte box, monitor and mic.

The aim is to keep everything together, so when you arrive at a shoot you can be shooting within a few minutes. Then at the end of the shoot, you just pack everything away without having to break it down completely.

You just need to take the gimbal off the ring and pop it in the bag, taking care to secure everything in place. There are Velcro loops on the outside of the bag to hold the ring.

The CineLuxe Pro Gimbal Backpack is all about space.  It’s not stuffed full with all the dividers that you may be used to with a camera backpack. There’s a single padded divider and two snap-close straps to fix the camera and gimbal down.

A couple of wraps and a zip-close pouch are included to protect loose items. 

Build and Handling

The CineLuxe Pro Gimbal Backpack 24 is a tough-feeling bag. It’s also massive.

Tenba has used its Pivot-Fit design for the straps so they adjust to your shoulders. And, the back panel has Tenba’s ventilated Airflow design. These features both help to make the backpack as comfortable as it’s possible to imagine a bag that measures 44 x58 x 29 cm (17.5  x 23x 11.5 inches) can be.

If you prefer, there’s handle to carry the bag by hand. That’s also useful for loading the bag into a car or lugging it around a set.

The Tenba CineLuxe Pro Gimbal Backpack 24 is available to order from Wex Photo Video in the UK, and BH Photo Video and Adorama in the US


The Tenba CineLuxe Pro Gimbal Backpack 24 is designed to fill a specific role. That role demands a large bag that has an uncluttered interior with attachments to keep the contents in place. Using the Gladstone or doctor’s bag style opening means that it’s easy to get the kit in and out.

It may be a hefty bag, but pro videographers are likely to appreciate the ease with which they can carry their camera and gimbal. The speed with which they can be up and running, or heading home at the end of the shoot will also be popular.

It’s probably best carried in your hand rather than on your back on a rush-hour tube train.

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