Tamaggo 360LiveCam, a new egg-shaped 360 camera offering livestreaming and an LCD touchscreen, has launched on Kickstarter at a price tag of $299.

The early bird Tamaggo 360LiveCam price is 33% off its expected retail price of $449, which you can get by backing the camera’s launch on Kickstarter.

The new Tamaggo 360 camera offers one-touch recording and sharing via its touchscreen and features the company’s ImmerVision Enables 2.0 embedding of orientation data in each frame of view to help stabilise your view regardless of the position of the camera.

Unlike other 360 cameras that feature dual lenses, the Tamaggo 360LiveCam boasts a single lens offering a 360-degree view. The lens was developed by Tamaggo in partnership with ImmerVision and is based on what it describes as “a patented panomorph distribution of pixels that enables a homogenous high-quality image without distortion, even on the edges and even in low light.”

It’s also worth noting that the Tamaggo 360LiveCam’s single lens requires no stitching.

The image and video-making process is done via a companion app for iOS and Android devices, through which you can share to your social networks or set your images and video to view in VR headsets.

Other features include an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer to track 500 times per second the orientation of your camera, as well as a retractable self-standing rig.

From June 9 until July 13, 2017, the Tamaggo 360LiveCam is available on Kickstarter at its early bird price tag.

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