News |Syrp launches high quality Polarizing filter

Syrp launches high quality Polarizing filter

Syrp launches high quality Polarizing filter

Continuing their growth in high-quality photographic accessories, Syrp has announced a new Polarizing filter.

This new filter will be available in two sizes, either 67mm or 82mm, with step-up rings being included to accommodate other sizes.

German Schott glass has been chosen for the filter with an anti-scratch, multi-coated layer that enables a super low reflection rate.

Featuring a durable low-profile aluminium frame, with thread so it can stack with standard UV or other filters if needed.

As with Syrp’s high-quality glass, the filter will ship in a leather case with lens cloth for secure storage and transport.

The Circular Polarizer joins the Variable ND, two filters that are perfectly tuned for use with Syrp’s motion control systems.

Designed for use to help reduce harsh light in bright conditions, the filter will help to draw out cloud details, cut reflections and enable the capture of pure, clean water.

Although only available in two sizes the filter will ship with a series of adapters that will enable the 82mm to 77mm and 72mm while the 67mm will fit 58mm and 52mm.

The Syrp Polarizing Filter range is available for RRP £99.95 (small) and £114.95 (large).

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Syrp launches high quality Polarizing filter
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Syrp launches high quality Polarizing filter
Syrp continue to expand their product raneg with the addition of the Circular Polarizer. This filter features high quality glass, available in 67 and 82mm.
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Camera Jabber
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