Syrp launches Genie Mini II with WiFi, Bluetooth

Syrp Genie Mini II

Syrp has announced the Genie Mini II, an update to its motion controller for timelapse which adds WiFi connectivity.

As well as WiFi, the Genie Mini II adds a USB-C port (replacing a micro USB port) and Bluetooth 4.2.

Promising a faster connection, Syrp says users can set the Genie Mini II to 10 keyframes (as opposed to five on the Genie Mini) and five rose of multi-row panorama (as opposed to two).

Multi-row panorama is the Genie Mini II’s mode that allows users to create high-res gigapixel and 360 VR images. 

The Syrp Genie Mini II can support a payload of up to 4kgs for panning and 3kg for tilting. 

The Syrp Genie Mini II motion control system is price at $249, or $358 for the Genie Mini II Starter Kit